Let’s start to say goodbye to 2020 in the most beautiful spot of Manuel Antonio: with music performance and raffle of 2 nights stay! Is magic time!!
Hotel Makanda is proud to present our Arbol Restaurant Celebration Menu

To cheers:
Glass of Cabernet Sauvignon 19 Crimes
or Pinot Grigio Bodega Argento

White Freezing Gazpacho
Crusty Caprese Pesto Bruschetta
Pacific Trio (Tuna Tartare, Panko Shrimp, Sealed Scallop)
or / Quinoa with Greens and
Pumpkin slices with kurkuma and honey

Main Course (to choose):

Rainbow Trout (straight form Costa Rican Mountain Lake)
Butterfly Tenderloin in red wine sauce with artichokes on a

Cartago potato puree bed

Spinach Ravioli with Basil and Tomatoes (Artesanal, invited Italian Chef) / Pesto pasta with nuts (gluten free)

X’mas Sweet Taco Delight
Matcha Ice Cream

Price per person $78 + tax

* with respect to all protocols, until 10 pm