Arbol Restaurant, Dinner Manuel Antonio
There is absolutely no more honest and faithful love than the love of a Mother.
Carry you for 9 months.
She was there to blow on your scratched knee after first bike ride.
She was there to help you heal your broken heart after first teen break up.
She was there to hug you and whisper motivational words on your ears for your first job.
And she will be there for you until the last of her breath.

It´s time for YOU to give back.

Arbol Restaurant is now here to help you pamper your Mommy. 
Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, we are presenting you nice options to nourish her palate and soul.
-    Arbol Greens Salad
-    Grilled Salmon on a Lenguini bed with dill creamy sauce or
-    Grilled Tenderloin  with Dark Roasted coffee sauce
-    Passion Fruit Cheesecake

with Glass of Red or White wine

Price Per Person $45.00 + tax

+506 2777 0442

Hotel Makanda,

Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica